Retail Store Cleaning Services

With the era of instant satisfaction, also comes instant dissatisfaction. Don't let your store fall by the wayside by neglecting routine cleans. Capture your client's attention, by impressing them with a quality image. Potential shoppers have to feel welcomed into a store and a clean retail space, itself has to be inviting as well. You need a professional company that can help you beat out the competition with a quality image. The ProjectClean Facility Services can help you taking an all-inclusive approach on your cleaning needs from making sure your floors and counters shine, all high-touch areas are disinfected and are well kept, sparkling changing rooms and restrooms to make your store the place customers want to shop.

What you can expect from our cleaning services:

-  We’re Retail Cleaning Experts 

 - We Offer a Professional Touch 

-  We Offer a Professional Touch

-  We Leave Restrooms Spotless

 - We Leave Restrooms Spotless

-  We Clean All Types of Flooring

-  We Clean Safer & Greener

-  We Measure & Guarantee Cleanings

Customer Impression


Customer Impression is a manager's secret weapon for sales. The smell, the shine, the general cleanliness, makes your customer to feel welcomed when they walk into your store. ProjectClean Facility Services wants to help you leave a lasting impression that will keep your customers satisfied, coming back to your store. We will ensure that you have a business that you and your clients will be proud.

High-Touch Surfaces


Your store clean. A clean  your customers can feel. A retail store have a lot certain high-touch areas that will be breeding ground for germs and bacteria. All counters, door knobs and displays areas are constantly being handled by your customer. The ProjectClean Facility Services know about these areas, and we tackle them with every visit to your store.

Dust and Shine


Create a competitive image keeping you store clean. Nothing equates to an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, like an aesthetically pleasing environment. The ProjectClean Facility Services professionals know that your storefront needs to be dust free and shiny to impress your customer. Our microfiber cleaning cloths remove dust and dirt and they are perfect for all areas hard to reach and ours products are the best  that can give a perfect shine. 

Why Choose ProjectClean Facility Services for your Retail Store Cleaning?

- Our reputation with our customers:  We have a great references;

- Our employees are the best: They are trained to managing a good communication with our customers. Also, they are bonded and insured, as well as capable of working in a customer-dense retail environment. 

- We have a flexible schedule: We tailor our schedule and cleaning services to meet your needs and can help you decide what's best for your particular situation. 

- We realize your needs may change and we try to accommodate them by being flexible.

- we are pride in over ten years of providing cleaning services independent shops, chains and big-box stores. Start your day knowing the experts in the industry have taken care of every detail to make sure your store is ready to go when you are ready to unlock those doors.


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