Medical Centers Cleaning Services

To maintain a reputable image of your medical center you need not only keep the environment cleaned regularly, you need also keep the space properly disinfected and sanitized. You know that whether you run your family practice or a large medical center, you pride yourself on giving your patients and staff the healthy, clean environment fundamental to wellness.

The ProjectClean Facility Services also know your needs. Our strict codes and regulations are set in place to ensure safety for patients and employees. We are strives to provide an unarguable first class, responsive medical cleaning service that promotes a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment for your patients, visitors, and employees following all these regulations. 

ProjectClean Facility Services uses high grade disinfectants and proper preventative techniques to reduce cross contamination and sanitize any and all hot spot areas. 

Our services include:

1. Spraying disinfecting solution on door handles, table tops, water fountains, chairs, and office equipment

2. Disinfecting the items in waiting areas, including furniture and toys

3. Emptying trash cans and medical waste receptacles

4. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floor surfaces

5. Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom stalls, toilets, and sinks

Doctor's Office Janitorial Services:

Our janitorial specialists are well trained  bonded and insured as well in all aspects of specialty medical cleaning.They treat every surface and high-touch areas as a potential risk to themselves, your staff and your patients. Thought sanitation protocols on any surface disinfecting daily, such as patient room beds, ensuring eradication of all known microbial life. 


Training's covered include, but are not limited to:

- Floor Care and Sanitation;

- Patient Room Cleaning;

- Restroom Cleaning;

- Cleaning of Offices

  Exam Rooms, Surgical Suites, 

  Imaging areas

 The ProjectClean Facility Services understand that when it comes to healthcare facilities, we stand by our work and guarantee that every healthcare environment we serve is properly cleaned, not merely touched up with surface cleaning and fragrance. Our personal approach lets you customize how we meet your cleaning needs.  


The ProjectClean Facility Services healthcare facility cleaning approach steps:

- 1st STEP: Assessment

The assessment is the first step for maintaining good hygiene in any healthcare facility. The size and usage of the space to be cleaned, considering all elements that needs special attention, including patients waiting rooms, restrooms, examination rooms, labs and more, allowing our staffs to create procedures to ensure proper maintenance between deeper medical office cleaning sessions.

- 2nd STEP: Preparation

The preparation is the second step. We perform the necessary tasks to get at areas that may not have seen attention from prior routine cleaning. 

- 3rd STEP: Cleaning Program

The cleaning program is the third step. Carpets and upholstered surfaces get regularly schedule, needs a deep cleaning and spot treatment, vacuuming between intensive cleanings, bathrooms, sinks and other high-touch surfaces get disinfected and the floors receive a detailed mopping with solutions designed to meet medical cleaning standards. Also, we are experienced in working around sensitive diagnostic equipment and lab components.

- 4th STEP: Maintaining Cleaning

- Cleaning Entrances: Polish doors, Clean entryway floors, Clean signage, Clean floor mats; 

- Cleaning Surfaces: Clean all surfaces, dust all surfaces from top to bottom; 

- Bathroom Cleaning: Bathroom floor cleaning, Bathroom fixture cleaning, Bathroom disinfection and sterilization; 

- Exam Room Cleaning: Clean tables and underneath them, Pulling back lining paper and applying disinfectant Using the right dwell time for disinfectants and cleaners; 

- Floor Cleaning: Properly vacuum floors (if need), Mop with flat mop

Use one microfiber flat mop per exam floor; 

- Clean Furnishings: Clean waiting rooms chairs and couches, Upholstery cleaning, Professional fabric treatment; 

- Carpet Cleaning: Steam clean carpet, Vinyl floor cleaning, Tile floor cleaning, Wood floor cleaning; 

- Air Duct Cleaning: Cleaning of air ducts; Sink & Countertop Cleaning: Clean sink, Clean countertop.

We also provide intensive detailed medical cleaning services for specific needs.  Please contact us for more information on one-time cleaning, regular visits or any of our array of services.


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