Flooring Cleaning Services

 Floor care is one of the first things that your customers see when entering your company, it reflects the value you place in doing business. 

The ProjectClean Facility Services shares these value you place in your business providing with excellence superior VCT commercial cleaning and maintenance services. 

Regular maintenance with the proper equipment and products are major investments for any business, so it is important to adhere to a regular floor cleaning schedule and use highly effective products that will help increase labor efficiency and lower overall costs keeping your floors clean and in top condition.  

Our specialized commercial VCT services are routinely used in offices, medical facilities, recreational facilities and schools. To learn more about how VCT commercial cleaning and maintenance services can improve the appearance of your floors and extend the life of your investment, contact us. 


We Offer a Complete Flooring Cleaning Care:


- Vinyl Floor Stripping, Refinishing and Sealing: Without proper maintenance, vinyl and linoleum floors lose their sheen. These types of floors can develop wax buildup and an unsightly yellow discoloration. The ProjectClean Facility Services buff the surface to a sparkling shine. This floor finish will extend the wear of your floor, reduce marks and scratches and guard against soil penetration and abrasion.

- Natural Stone Floor Cleaning: Preserve the beauty of your natural stone floors with ProjectClean facility Services. Our team we'll polish the natural stone floor surface to remove slippage, scratches and etches to restore its original shine. If necessary, we will finish the job with a tough sealer that will withstand penetration of water, oil and dirt.


Maintaining services that we typically perform include:

 - Proper matting: We ask the customer use walk-off mats at all entryways to help keep floors clean and dry longer; however, it is vital that we cleaning these mats be cleaned regularly; 

 - Daily Cleaning Services: We will sweeping and dust mopping dirt and soil off VCT surfaces, preventing damage to the tile finish; 

 - Recoating: Depending on VCT maintenance or the amount of foot traffic at a particular facility, it is good practice to periodically the finish; 

 - Routine maintenance: It is important to routinely strip off the wax that has built-up from repeated maintenance in order to apply a fresh finish; 

 - Choosing the Right Cleaning Products Makes a Difference:To ensure the best results from a maintenance program, we use a neutral-impact cleaner that is designed to be used on VCT; 

 -Taking a holistic approach to VCT care: The ProjectClean Facility Services use cleaners formulated to work in conjunction with each other to deliver a long-lasting shine, while helping to extend the time between scrub and re-coat.   


  To Maintain a clean and bright appearance, VCT often requires strip and wax services. The process involves: removing, finishing and adding new layer to a existing layer, beginning with the application of a stripper, buffer (removing wax), and vacuum cleaning the resulting dirt from the tiles. The process is repeated several times before the tiles are left to dry. Once dry, the tiles are buffed to a glistening shine. A good polish and scrubbing completes the process and protects the tiles.   


Tile and Grout Cleaning:


When your tile and grout gets dirty it changes the look in your facility or home and we know how hard it is to clean it especially in those areas where the most traffic concentrates kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, living rooms, halls etc.

We used the most advanced system to clean your tile floors with out causing any harm to the tile or to you. Our professional trained technicians will do a walk through with the customer to point out areas that need special cleaning.




The ProjectClean Facility Services is a professional cleaning services company with the know-how to properly clean hardwood floors. 

We are specialized in keeping hardwood flooring looking shiny, clean, and like new. Our advanced cleaning methods remove deeply embedded dirt and debris that erode hardwood floors, extending the life of your floor - our cleaning and finishing can save you the cost of repairs and replacement. Also, our protective finish will give your floors a streak-free shine and get them looking Clean As New!


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