Automotive Dealerships Cleaning Services

The cleaning companies and automotive industries are similar in many ways. They both rely on creating a great first impression for their customers, with an understanding that they represent the brand of their product and service. For the cleaning, it begins with the quality of our services that deliver that high level of customer service. Keeping a clean dealership with sanitary bathrooms and a sparkling showroom will give you a competitive edge in your presentation.


Here are some important tips to consider when creating a cleaning schedule for a car dealership:


- To clarify from the start which areas will be cleaned: showroom, front of the dealership, the service department, the waiting areas, restrooms, and break areas for employees.  Each of these areas requires a different type of attention to detail;

- Frequency of Service: How often we will clean your dealership. Considering that your dealership is a high-volume with a lots of foot traffic and a busy service department we realize that the general cleanliness and appearance of the facility may suffer due to infrequent cleaning.

- Weather Conditions: Cleaning an auto dealership in Southwest is going to be a lot different than Massachusetts or Chicago,for example, particularly in the winter. We are prepared for these additional floor care and exterior maintenance challenges that accompany it.

- Often Overlooked Areas: For example, in child-friendly waiting areas, we may find the furniture sticky from little fingers and crumbs under the chairs and toys, not to mention other nasty elements that we can find. If this areas are not properly cleaned, the germs will latch on to the next unsuspecting child. Additionally, we cannot overlook the coffee area. People tend to snack and drink a lot of coffee while anxiously waiting for financing to clear or service to be completed on their car. We may find spilt coffee and crumbs in this area. The ProjectClean Facility Services understand that any dealer wants the entire facility to shine, we focus on these non-sales areas.

- Weekend Food Delivery: Weekends or Mondays may be the most intense days of cleaning. Many dealerships buy greasy food like pizza to keep sales teams happy and fueled during the weekends. This trash is inevitably left for the cleaning crew. Easily we add a time for extra trash removal each weekend.

- Day Porters: Some high-traffic or high-end dealerships may want a day porter service to keep bathrooms clean and showroom floors shiny throughout the day. We ask our customers if they want this and we determine which days and hours we will need to provide a cleaning.


Showroom Floor Cleaning & Maintenance:

Extending the life of flooring, in particular,is critical in the car showroom. ProjectClean Facility Services implements all of the essential elements of a comprehensive floor cleaning program to enhance the quality of the floor’s appearance, and ultimately ensure the longevity of the floor through proper care.


Taking Pride in the Details:

When you hire us to clean your auto dealership, we will:

1. Dust flat surfaces (windowsills, baseboards, kickboards under counters remove cobwebs wipe high touch surfaces);  2. door handles; 3. light switches; 4. sanitize telephones; 5. wiping cabinets, countertops and appliances.


Asking a lot of questions:

 While completing our cleaning services, we always remember to ask a lot of questions and pay attention to all the areas of the dealership, not just the show floor. While servicing a car dealership is an opportunity to service a high-end retail facility. 

We bring the knowledge and experience to the table to be able to maintain the highest sanitation and cleaning standards, which are quintessential to your facility’s safe operation. We re ready to consult with you to plan, carry out, and maintain your facility’s very serious business mission.


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