Cleaning Routine Services

The appearance of your commercial building can have a direct effect on your bottom line. Whether your building suffered a flood and need emergency clean-up or just want to give your building a fresh cleaning appearance, ProjectClean Facility Services is your solution, maintaining a 24/7 hotline for prompt response to special situations.



Our crews are available to clean your facility around your schedule – after hours or during business hours. Our services are available from one to seven days per week, 24/7.

Depending on how large your building is and how much your businesses traffic sees each day, you can arrange services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In order to preserve good hygiene and a professional appearance, the areas that need frequent routine cleaning include restrooms and door knobs and handles that get a lot of use regularly.

Emergence Service


We strive to respond to emergencies immediately, so we also offer a guaranteed 90-minute emergency reply!

In case of an emergency at your facility, our expert personnel will immediately contact your designee and follow the emergency procedures you have prescribed for the facility. This centralized message center demonstrates our commitment to efficiency, responsiveness, and quality.

To request a cleaning service proposal or additional information, please contact us today by calling 508.926.8996.


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